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Macon – Bibb County grand jurors voted Tuesday to indict 33 defendants accused of racketeering activity involving gang members and their associates using contraband cell phones to continue illegal street gang operations in the community from behind bars.

The charges stem from Operation Blueprint, a several months-long multi-agency investigation.

According to the indictment:

Investigators obtained court orders authorizing electronic surveillance on a number of contraband cell phones in use at the Bibb County jail between March and July 2018. Several thousand phone calls and text messages were recorded and analyzed.

Investigators determined gang members were using the phones to intimidate witnesses, conspire to attempt murder and cause other bodily harm to witnesses, further the sale and distribution of drugs and perform other illegal acts.

Tuesday’s indictment charges defendants with violating Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, possession of prohibited items by inmates, violating Georgia’ Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, influencing witnesses and other charges.

Defendants charged in the indictment include:

  • Johntellis Montez Mathis, 31, of Macon
  • Emmanuel McGhee, 31, of Macon
  • Leroy Frank Richards III, 25, of Macon
  • Christopher Allen Powell, 32, of Gray
  • Chad Demarco Cummings, 35, of Macon
  • Keith Beddingfield Jr., 26, of Gray
  • Laron Jeffrey Woodard, 32, of Macon
  • Kyrod Terrell Butts, 27, of Macon
  • Tavish Rashard Faulks, 27, of Macon
  • Shavious Antwan Balcom, 30, of Macon
  • Cory Benji Stubbs, 34, of Macon
  • Steven Quintrell Howard, 32, of Macon
  • Takeyma Sebris Duhart, 43, of Macon
  • Shelley Davis Johnson, Jr., 37, of Macon
  • Felicia Latrell Hargrove, 47, of Macon
  • Kenyatta Sharroid Jones Sr., 39, of Macon
  • Lewis Monroe Cheney II, 35, of Macon
  • Yarvis Eugene Denmark, 33, of Macon
  • Elijah James Hawkins, 43, of Macon
  • James Francis Peyton Jr., 36, of Macon
  • Kimberly Peyton, 37, of Lizella
  • Portia Nicole Stephens, 30, of Macon
  • Travis Tremaine Felton, 37, of Macon
  • Kelvin Demetris Johnson, 45, of Warner Robins
  • Devonta Rashrod Hicks, 25, of Macon
  • Twayne Jafar Rainey Jr., 20, of Macon
  • Cassius Denzel Alexander, 28, of Macon
  • Corey Jamar Holmes, 36, of Macon
  • Anthony Dewayne Morgan Jr., 22, of Macon
  • Allen Keith Mitchell, 39, of Macon
  • Chad Andre Matthews, 24, of Macon
  • Mallary Charles McClendon, 61, of Macon
  • Kenyan Javit Newton, 37, of Macon

Each defendant is presumed to be innocent unless and until he/she is proven guilty in a court of law.

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