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Macon – A Macon man was sentenced to 15 years in prison Monday after he pleaded guilty to three July 15, 2017, armed robberies.

Antonio Dewayne Ivey Sr., 33, entered his plea to three counts of armed robbery during a hearing in Bibb County Superior Court. He will not be eligible for parole.

If the case had gone to trial, Chief Assistant District Attorney Nancy Scott Malcor would have presented evidence showing:

A woman was sitting in a car in the Zebulon Road Walmart parking lot at about 4 p.m. when a man with a black gun demanded that she give him her money. The woman told the gunman she’d planned to use the money to buy a baby shower cake and the gunman replied, “Spare me the sob stories.” The gunman drove off in a maroon sedan.

A few hours later, at about 7 p.m., another woman was walking across the Hartley Bridge Road Kroger parking lot on her way back from Wendy’s when a man in a maroon car pulled up beside her. He pointed a gun at her and ordered her to throw her purse into the car. She complied and he drove off.

Then, at about 8 p.m., a gunman demanded that an employee at Advance Auto Parts, 3385 Pio Nono Avenue, hand over cash from the register. The employee complied. He later identified Ivey in a photo line-up as the gunman.

Ivey was arrested July 18, 2017, and admitted to all three robberies.

Speaking after the hearing, Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney David Cooke said, “In his one-day crime spree, Mr. Ivey stole from three people, taking not just money but also their sense of safety and well-being. One victim’s money was intended to buy a cake to celebrate the birth of a new baby. I hope that over his next 15 birthdays Mr. Ivey spends his time reflecting on how his crimes have affected our community.”

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