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Keith Beddingfield

Macon – Jurors deliberated for a little more than an hour on Friday before finding a Jones County man guilty of fatally shooting 33-year-old Javaris Antoine Brown near the intersection of Carling and Napier avenues on Super Bowl Sunday 2018.

Keith Beddingfield Jr., 27, of Gray, was found guilty of malice murder, felony murder and armed robbery in Brown’s Feb. 4, 2018, death. A judge sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Beddingfield’s trial began Monday in Bibb County Superior Court.

Prosecutors Sandra Matson and Jason Knowles presented evidence during the trial including:

Brown’s girlfriend testified Brown told her he was robbed at gunpoint on Feb. 3, 2018, and he thought he’d been set up by a man named “Keith.” After losing his job and having difficulty finding work, Brown had been selling marijuana and other drugs. About $800-worth of drugs had been taken.

Phone records show Brown exchanged text messages with Beddingfield the following afternoon in the hours leading up to the Super Bowl.

Beddingfield’s then-wife testified she drove to the area of Carling and Napier avenues with Beddingfield that afternoon. She stayed in their green Ford Explorer when Beddingfield exited and got into the car Brown was driving.

She said she heard raised voices and then multiple gunshots. Her husband returned to the Explorer and they left.

Evidence also was presented that Beddingfield took a bag of drugs from Brown at gunpoint during the encounter.

Beddingfield’s then-wife said she and Beddingfield returned to the area soon after Beddingfield discovered he’d left his phone in the car with Brown.

A motorist later discovered Brown fatally shot in the driver seat of a car parked in the road near the intersection of Carling and Napier Avenues. She called 911, as did neighbors who’d heard gunshots. One neighbor testified he saw someone passing by in a green Ford Explorer who reached into the parked car and took something.

Medical evidence shows Brown was shot three times in the head and once in the neck.

After his arrest, Beddingifeld tried to convince a fellow inmate to help him concoct an alibi for the time of the killing. The inmate, who’d been released prior to Beddingfield, refused.

Jurors also heard a recorded cell phone call in which Beddingfield attempted to arrange a robbery involving money from the Dollar Store where his wife worked. While he tried to convince his wife to participate so they could get money to bond him out of jail, Beddingfield was recorded on a call offering a man $1,000 to kill his wife during the heist, saying “she had folded on me.”

Speaking after the trial, District Attorney David Cooke said, “If Mr. Beddingfield had his way, his wife would have been the second murder victim and Mr. Brown’s family wouldn’t have gotten justice. Thankfully the jury held him accountable after hearing the evidence of his treachery and murder.”

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