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Kevon Watkins

Macon – A Macon teenager was sentenced to life in prison Friday after he was found guilty of murder in his sister’s 2018 strangulation death

Kevon Watkins, 18, waived his right to a jury trial and chose to have a Bibb County judge hear testimony and review evidence in the case instead.

Prosecutor Jason Martin presented evidence during the two-day trial showing:

Watkins and his sister, 20-year-old Alexus Breanna Watkins lived with their family at a house on Westmount Road off Log Cabin Drive.

Testimony showed on the afternoon of Feb. 2, 2018, then-16-year-old Kevon and his mother argued about the Internet service in their home. Kevon had changed the WiFi password so he could play video games without others who wanted to use the Internet interrupting.

Fearing that Kevon was about to be in a physical altercation with their mother, Alexus came to her aid. Kevon and Alexus tussled and fell to the floor. When the mother couldn’t separate them, she called for help.

Evidence and testimony showed Kevon placed his sister in a choke hold and held her there for an estimated 15 minutes. The prosecution played the responding Bibb County deputies’ body cam videos. One of the deputies testified Kevon Watkins still had a hold on his sister when he arrived, 10 minutes after their mother’s 911 call.

Kevon released his sister upon a deputy’s command and she fell to the floor. Deputies performed CPR in efforts to resuscitate her. She was declared dead at a local hospital later that night.

In his closing argument, Martin said the testimony and evidence in the case did not support a manslaughter verdict. Although Kevon didn’t intend to kill his sister, he intentionally placed her in a choke hold, an aggravated assault, which resulted in her death. By law, his actions constitute felony murder.

“This act of violence resulted in an unspeakable tragedy for this family. I hope this verdict and sentence closes the door on this chapter of their lives and that they will be able to begin to heal,” said District Attorney David Cooke.

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