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Macon – Macon-Bibb County Commissioners voted Tuesday to accept a $101,341 Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) continuation award and a $72,962 grant to help fund the Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office’s victim advocate programs.

VOCA funds will be used to continue to fund two existing positions while the grant will allow the district attorney’s office to hire a new victim advocate. The new advocate will serve as a liaison between crime victims and the Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program which provides money to help pay for counseling, funeral expenses, medical bills and other costs incurred as a result of crime.

“We’re thrilled to have an additional advocate to help victims get the help they need and deserve,” said District Attorney David Cooke.

Since 2013, the district attorney’s office has increased services to victims by more than 400 percent.

Victim advocates help crime victims navigate the judicial system, providing support and notification of when court proceedings are set to occur. Advocates also link victims to community resources and advise them of their rights as victims.

As part of the VOCA grant, Macon-Bibb County must provide $25,335 in matching funds.

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