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Macon – The Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office has donated 100 workbooks for use by participants in the newly formed Swift Certain and Fair Domestic Violence Court.

The goal of the court is to reduce recidivism through better addressing the underlying causes of domestic violence. Participants charged with qualifying family violence misdemeanor offenses such as battery, stalking and criminal trespass are ordered by Bibb County State Court to undergo counseling while on probation.

In support of the court, and in an effort to help both victims and defendants before cases escalate, the District Attorney’s Office donated a start-up supply of workbooks for the Moral Reconation Theory counseling program associated with the court.

“We hope that by better addressing the underlying causes of domestic violence, fewer cases will escalate to the point where someone is seriously injured or killed,” said Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney David Cooke. “This program will help victims and help make all of us safer.”

The Swift Certain and Fair Domestic Violence Court began in January and is funded through a grant from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance. The grant pays for a portion of the court-mandated counseling, but not for the workbooks used in counseling.

Pictured left to right (Bibb County State Court Chief Judge Jeff Hanson, Bibb County Solicitor General Rebecca Grist, Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney, and State Court Probation Officer / SCF Project Coordinator Jack Côté.)

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